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    Our constructed buildings may never exert lightning, but always does the work of flashing utter modernity, which turns one's gaze toward itself! CREATING YOUR DREAM HOMES WITH STYLE.

    Architectural Services

    Our design solutions create ever-lasting impressions on your living and experience with us.


    With all the legal permits, we are your one-stop solution for construction services.

    Build ADU

    Get the right solution by the best ADU construction services from Next Generation Builders.
    About Next Generation Builders

    We design every aspect of a space with an attractive and unique feel

    Creative and diverse skills

    At Next Generation Builders, we provide access to diverse models that cast an extraordinary impression on viewers.

    Knowledge and rich expertise

    Our company, named Next Generation Builders, withholds the entire trend into a piece they work on and create a master-piece.

    We embrace novelty

    We have established multiple techniques and systems which allow us to illustrate our models in the form of remarkable structures.


    We shape and transform the physical space

    We develop and design vibrant ADU’s with sustainable architecture that extends beyond itself and provides lasting value to the users and local context.

    Increase property value

    Earn passive income

    Add extra living space

    Highly affordable in budget

    Creating quality lifestyles and building better communities.

    Commercial and Residential

    We provide you with both commercial and residential services that you can rely on for your small and large projects.

    Design & Construction Consulting

    Effective communication is everything, and therefore we are always ahead in consultation with our clients.

    Conceptual ADU Design

    We create designs that speak for itself with patience, love, and years of knowledge that stands out in the crowd.

    Rigorous Contract Management

    We create long-lasting loyal relations with our clients by providing them with trustworthy contract management services.

    Constructing quality and stability you can count on

    With the assistance of high-tech and latest technology, we have confounded all the complexities which do the work of restraint for a general construction company. Next Generation Builders revolves around its frumptious builders coupled with architects.

    Mind-mapping of Designs

    At Next Generation Builders, we craft designs that are not only different but eye-catching at the same time. We take the benefits of the space which is provided to us. After proper conduction analysis, we make sure that the designs and patterns are stylish and decent.

    Adorable Pieces of Architecture

    The architects available at Next Generation Builders have mastered the studies of complex practices when it comes to the designing of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The installation and construction are based on how reliable the piece of architecture is.

    Commence to Build

    Our models are not only the source of beauty, but the buildings have the property of being consistent when it comes to the phase of the counting period. In no time, our builders and architect begin to build a piece of a valuable asset.

    A well organized team results
    in a successful project

    With a dynamic, inspiring and innovative studio environment, we deliver creative, beautiful and functional design solutions for each project.

    We are ready to start your project

    +1 (818) 431 5434

    Next Generation Builders offers flexible construction services that can let you enjoy a special approach to complement your space design goals. Call us for a chat to find out more about us.

    We're here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.

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